Hi there! I'm Lindsey & I'm SO glad you've found your way to my corner of the web. I am a self-taught photographer who bought my first DSLR on a whim in 2013. I posted a few styled sessions on Facebook and the next thing I knew, I was being flown to Florida to capture one of my very first weddings. They took the biggest leap of faith on me! I was basically a newborn in this wedding industry for Pete’s sake! But, they believed in me and I could feel it.

At the end of their wedding night they told me I was the best decision they made for their whole day. Those words, that experience, and the way it felt to make such an impact on someone’s wedding – has had me on a high ever since. My main goal as your wedding photographer is to be a difference maker. If you’re looking for a photographer who just clocks in and out the day of the wedding, I’m probably not the girl for you! I let my clients into my world like you let me into yours – and I measure my business success on keeping in touch with my couples leading up to and past their wedding day.

Little did I know that was the beginning of my journey to “boss lady status”. I have a never-ending thirst for creative growth and being a better version of myself than I was yesterday – a better wife, mother, photographer, and business owner. Progress over perfection – am I right?! I truly view being a business owner as an art form and a way to inspire people. When you choose me as your photographer you’re signing up for much more than just pretty pictures. You’re going to get an experience from start to finish that can’t be delivered by just any company. It’s personal, it’s real, and its one-of-a-kind.

things that make me swoon

 cheese fries / the DIY lifestyle / before & after pictures / making a house a home – and on a budget! / home videos / amazing typography / honesty / backroads / Humans of New York / Chip + Jojo / cheesy movie montages / mattress nights with my boys / God’s Grace / to-do lists / a good bargain / girl bosses / my favorite stores: Home Goods + Home Depot / living a life of purpose / Shark Tank / flea markets / inspiring others / the hustle / dreaming BIG / leaving things better than I found them 

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