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Even after 11 years in this business, the gravity of a wedding day never falls short on me. I recognize and honor how this is a monumental day for everyone in your family. I always say this is just as much a people business as it is a creative one. To know my work is a part of your history books forever leaves me speechless - and forever motivated to capture it in the most beautiful and authentic way possible. 

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-Megan Garhan

She is one of those vendors where we stepped back multiple times and said, "We are so happy we chose her. We are so glad she's here."

-Kathryn Korff AllbrighT

"Lindsey walks in on the day with a sort of "get shit done" mentality but makes you feel special, noticed, and safe all at the same time.
What's better?"

-Erin Gill

"She has the best energy, allowing you to feel as though you are the most important person in the world. The way that Lindsey is able to visualize the perfect scene and bring it to life is a God given talent."